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About Defenders Of The Faith

Welcome to Defenders of the Faith

 A few might have heard of us or seen us in-game though we're only allowed out when we behave. We're a mature Alliance guild situated on The Sha'Tar realm formed back in January 2011. We are a friendly social guild made up of pretty regular players, who whilst professional when needed to be, are also very awesome people and fun to game with. We're not looking to become a huge guild of hundreds of members, but we are always on the lookout for like minded people who will bring something to our gaming enjoyment. While we tend to spend more time on PvE, we have several PvP active members as well a lot of  folk who just enjoy levelling characters or just log in for the social side. As a guild we try to enforce a 21+ age limit, though we make exceptions for people who just seem to fit in with our current crop of members. 

At the moment we have we have teamed up with another guild, Asylum, to run flex raids with 3 nights a week. We hope to one day return to progression raiding as a guid but we're havign too much fun at the moment. The previous raid team only really got going when the guild was formed just before Deathwing started smashing things up. We cleared ICC just before, and have since Cataclysm was release been moving steadily through the raids available. We averaged around 25th on our server each tier but we mostly raid to enjoy the company and to pick apart tactics for boss fights.

The current flex raid schedule is Monday, Wednesday and Sunday 21:00 - 23:00 (server time) and have completed the following. 

BH - 3/3 Normal
TOFW - 2/2 Normal
BOT - 4/4 Normal
BWD - 6/6 Normal
FL - 7/7 Normal
DS - 8/8  Normal - 1/8 Heroic
MV - 6/6  Normal
HOF - 5/6 Normal
TOES - 0/4 Normal  
TOT - 1/12 Normal
SOO 13/14 Flex (with Asylum)
HM 6/7 Normal (with Asylum)
BRF 7/10 Normal (with Asylum)
HFC 13/13 Normal (with Asylum)
EN 7/7 Normal • 7/7 Heroic (with Asylum)
TOV 3/3 Normal • 2/3 Heroic (with Asylum)
NH 10/10 Normal • 8/10 Heroic (with Asylum)
TOS 9/9 Normal • 4/9 Heroic (with Asylum)

At present we are currently looking for members to strengthen our numbers to ensure raiding continues to happen as easy as possible. Ideally we require a DPS (melee preferred) and a healer willing to be on standby. However our team is often hit by real life and most people find they raid regularly.  What we're looking for as a player is someone who enjoys playing and especially raiding to improve themselves and work as part of the team. It's expected that they put in a decent amount of effort to know their class, role and the encounters we take on. We don't force people to sit and watch hours of tactics, but having an idea will always help. We work together to get through the fights

Want To Join Us?
If you think you'd be interesting in joining us in our adventure then get in touch. All new members are subject to a one month trial period, beginning on the day your application is approved. This is simply to give us a chance to get to know you better and see if you fit in well and contribute to our guild, also to see if you're happy with us as well. In order to establish if you are the player we are looking for, we would ask you to answer the questions in our recruitment forum. If you would like your application to be private, feel free to send Aingeal a PM with your application or alternatively you can drop any of our officers a line in game.

**Please note elitists, divas, recount obsessive or impatient players are advised not to bother.


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