Guild Ranks Explained

Here's a quick and simple guide to how the Defenders of the Faith guild ranks work. As we're a small guild at the moment
we don't have many, but we are looking to add to it to hopefully enhance the experience of being a part of our guild and to make you feel more comfortable.

Grand Master - The head honcho, her that leads our motley crew and currently your go to for all raid 
queries we introduce to you.... Aingeal.
Grand General - As if one wasn't enough, Aingeal has a set of alts to help for the army she's building. This rank 
is for all her alts and Defenders of the Faith bank.
High General - The right hand men and ladies that are the officers of Defenders of the Faith. Should Aingeal 
not be around these guys are here to help. 
General  - Extra long term members who've been entrusted with powers to invite to guild and in the absence of an officer, run around in blind panic making a decision.
Master - These are the full time members who put in all the hours to help make Defenders of the Faith home. people on this level form 
part of the main Raid Team and have access to the Raid bank tab.
Knights - Exactly the same as Masters, all the perks of guild repairs and use of everything in the guild bank, that is 
everything except the raid supplies.
Padawan - New blood, sacrifices, people in general. You've applied to join, we've let you through the door. While on 
trial you'll be on this level until you get settled, and agree to stay with us.

Essentially you should all have access to the guild bank, and supplies in there. Use them. It's why we have all this stuff stored up.
Officers have access to an bonus tab full of expensive items. Feel free to ask for anything if you need. The guild also allows all ranks except
Padawan to repair using guild repairs. Again please do so, anything to help you all, as you all contribute to that fund in some way.