Guild Rules

Below, in no particular order are rules, which we already abide by anyway, being decent upstanding people.  
However there is a dusty Spanking Rod locked away in the guild coffers for any naughty 'Fenders.   
Very naughty 'Fenders will be locked into a neverending cycle of Occulus for all eternity, with nothing but Trade Chat for company.
You have been warned. 

1. Be nice to each other.  Kinda says it all. 
2. Represent your guild.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you represent us all.  A quick skim read of Trade Chat will show you that guilds can get a bad rep quickly. ALWAYS be curteous, Mature and helpful. 
3. If not wearing a rep tabard, represent your guild, by wearing a guild one.  Tabards are in the Guild Bank, so no excuses. ;)
4. Always respect an officers decision. We do not expect you to always agree with us, but trust that we are doing what we think is best for the guild as a whole. 
5. Guild events are in the calander, please check regularly and mark accept, tentative or decline.  I can only guage interest and where we need to recruit if you do this. 
6. If you accept for an event, BE THERE or let me or an Officer now if you cannot attend.  In game mail will do the job if nobody is around.
6. Never ever ‘need’ and item for gold. Find a better way to make a living, or greed like the rest of us.
7. Read, Sleep, Eat the raid rules - See the thread under Raids that begins with Whitelaws preperation topic. Breaking/igoring raid rules could lead to you being unable to join the team for future raids.  
8. See above rules for Raids.  Same applies to Dungeons, be prepared in advance, avoid brbs, make sure you are ready for a HC before you join a dungeon group, and above all play nice.  All these things apply to both PUGS and Guild runs.
9. Always help out your fellow guildies where possible, be that with a trade skill, boosting a lower level, helping on a quest, or class assistance when research has not been helpful. 
10. Always do your best to research your class in your own time as well, we will always try to help, but don't rely on busy guildies too much as they have their own game to play.  
11. Recruiting - Feel free to talk to anybody on our server who might fit into our guild.  New blood is always appreciated.  However the following guidlines must be adhered too.
    i. All potential members are to be referred to an  officer for interview    ii. All new recruits are put on Padawan rank which is our trial level. They will stay here for a month, and then be let go or promoted to full membership. 
12. NO DPS / ELITIST DIVAS Allowed. We will not accept anybody who yells n00Bs, or gogogo at a tank, or who is rude to other players, or causes trouble.   
13. Finally, please only use the public chats i.e trade chat etc for actual trade, or recruiting.  Never spam general or trade chat with anything rude, begging for gold, insulting or generally annoying / childish. 

Any issues, concerns, questions please speak to Aingeal as your GM or one of the officers.   
Officers are any player with the rank High General.  Officers Alts are on the rank General.